Easy Bear is …

Matt Lopez (Drums, Backing Vocals)


Noah Donnelly (Bass, Backing Vocals)


Joey Enthoven (Guitar, Vocals)


Easy Bear is a California Indie Pop/Rock band based out of Santa Barbara and formed in 2012 by long-time friends, singer/guitar player Joey Enthoven and drummer Matt Lopez. Joey and Matt spent the beginning months of the band’s existence writing songs and creating the sound that is Easy Bear, without a bass player. After several months of fine-tuning and writing it was evident that Easy Bear needed to fill the low-end void in order to propel the band forward. Auditions were held and after several unsuccessful players, Easy Bear added another friend to complete the line-up in Noah Donnelly. Noah was able to provide the tight rhythmic bass lines that completed Easy Bear’s sound. After several rehearsals the band was finally ready to take the act to the masses. Shortly after they took their first show on last minute notice at The Creek Side Inn in their hometown of Santa Barbara. With an overwhelmingly great response from the crowd, Easy Bear has continued to perform at virtually any venue that will have them and continues to create a buzz. The band has since recorded an EP that is available on iTunes and Amazon, among other music marketplaces. Recorded in the guest bedroom of Joey’s parents house, the EP was tracked over a weekend in November 2012 while Joeys parents vacationed (thanks Gerald & Ria!). The band used twin mattresses to block noise from escaping out the windows in the guest room in order to not have the cops called on them. Since releasing their debut EP, Easy Bear has played such venues as the House of Blues, The Hotel Cafe, and SOhO Restaurant & Music Club as well as picking up several positive reviews of the EP.





“The trio of Joey Enthoven, Matt Lopez and Noah Donnelly make up the California indie pop/rock Easy Bear. They released a five-song EP simply titled EP that showcases songs that that will undoubtedly feel familiar but at the same time are crafted with an indie rock precision. You can’t deny the songs’ innate appeal. The band has all the right ingredients; it’s really as simple as that. Joey Enthoven has a near perfect indie rock voice lying somewhere between Stephen Malkmus and Brandon Flowers.

Musically, they’re not the fanciest band in the world but they know what works. The guitar parts are creative but mostly consisting of chords while the rhythm section provides a hefty low end to support the melodies. At the heart of it these songs are pop smothered nuggets with a glaze of indie rock that are easily accessible and prone to get stuck in your head after the first listen.

The band kicks with a rocker called “Give Me Your Love.” It’s arguably the highlight of the album and I was converted to a fan of the band as soon as I heard the 50’s inspired vocal harmonies. The verse is a solid combination of heavy tom work, distorted bass and infectious vocals. It’s three minutes and twenty seconds of tightly organized indie rock goodness that feels really good going down. “My Girl” open with a riff straight out of indie rock 101 and I didn’t mind it one bit because the band pulls it off to a tee while “Already Mine” has an upbeat, triumphant vibe that one can add to your party playlist right now. The last two songs “Run Virginia Run” and “Stole My Heart” are two more of above average indie rock tunes that your ears will want to hear.

There isn’t much you need to know about Easy Bear other that if you like indie rock you won’t want to miss this EP . Although the songs stick to tried and true Indie rock format and the band is by no means reinventing the wheel they seem to have perfected the formula and there isn’t anything wrong with that.” – Ted Rogen, The Equal Ground (May 19, 2014)
“Easy Bear is a Santa Barbara, California-based Pop/Rock band formed in 2012 by long time friends. Earlier this year, the emerging band put out their debut self-titled EP full of accessible rock songs reminiscent of The Black Keys’ mainstream material. Despite being recorded in a bedroom by three young musicians, Easy Bear’s debut EP sounds like a polished and radio ready stepping-stone into their bright future.” – (Apr 16, 2014)
“A little-known English quartet once sang “All You Need Is Love.” Joey Enthoven (guitar / lead vocals), Noah Donelly (bass) and Matt Lopez (drums) of Easy Bear have made this their mantra. Easy Bear EP is cute, short and sweet — probably much like the anonymous object of their affections. “Give Me Your Love” is shades of Weezer, with enough guitar and low-end punch to let you know these guys rock when they want to. “Stole My Heart” leans more toward the indie / pop side and has a sing along quality. “My Girl” and “Run Virginia Run” follow the same aesthetic. “Already Mine” is a standout track with a silvery tone that would sound right at home on the radio or a soundtrack. Easy Bear EP is a confident, polished rock-pop release. There’s a big sound coming from this trio of musicians — recorded in a bedroom, no less. The five tracks clock in at just under 15 minutes total and they go down smooth and easy. The songs are earnest and heartfelt, teetering on the edge of sappiness but never jumping to their deaths. They’re not singing to get the girl, because they already have her. They just want to let her know they love her and to make her smile.” – CJ Marshall, VC Reporter (Mar 20, 2014)
“Easy Bear is a young California based Pop-Rock band. The long time friends Joey Enthoven (Vocals/Guitar) and Matt Lopez (Drums) originally formed the band back in 2012. Than after writing songs and forming their own sound they added another friend Noah Donnelly to play the Bass and complete the puzzle.

After touring around their home town of Santa Barbara and elsewhere they began to write their debut EP. This EP was recorded in perfect indie fashion. The studio was a guest bedroom in Joey’s parents’ house with mattresses on the walls. It was recorded over a weekend while the parents were out of town. However, when listening to the EP you would think it was recorded in a professional studio. This is why we love independent music, all you need are talented musicians and instruments to create a pure and authentic sound. Their song writing skills and unique rhythmic style are quite evident throughout their debut EP.

The 5 song EP seems to have a tone of love throughout it. Before even listening you can get a feel of this with titles such as ‘Give Me Your Love’, ‘My Girl’, ‘Already Mine’, ‘Run Virginia Run’ and ‘Stole My Heart’. Perfect harmonies and rhythm are compiled with catchy lyrics and riffs from front to back. I think the best example of this is from ‘Already Mine’ where the drum beat and riffs mesh together seamlessly. Have a listen for yourself and make sure to pick up this EP! We’re definitely looking forward to hear more from Easy Bear, as I’m positive you will be too.” Muzic Notez the Magazine (Feb 19, 2014)
“Amazing sound, this is the band to watch.” – No Cover

“Santa Barbara trio Easy Bear likes to keep things simple. Started off as a two-piece by frontman Joey Enthoven and drummer Matt Lopez, the band eventually added bassist/vocalist Noah Donnelly to fill out their lo-fi pop setup. Together, the guys navigate the road between art rock à la The Killers and folk anthems in the vein of Phosphorescent. The jams are big and triumphant; the production is minimal and straightforward; and the characters are, more often than not, love struck and affectionately idealistic.”  – Aly Comingore, Santa Barbara Independent (Oct 03, 2013)